luni, 13 decembrie 2010

HNPP 002 - VA - Fucked Up Summer Hits (OUT NOW !!!)

industrial / power electronics / harsh noise / noisecore comp !
1.Tina Torture - Alejandro (original by lady gaga)
2.To-Bo - Touch Me (orginal by samantha fox)
3.Playing with Nuns - Boyfriend (original by avril lavigne)
4.Ecoute la Merde - Non Non Non (écouter Barbara (original by camélia jordana)
5.Morpeth - Bad Romance (original by lady gaga)
6.Brain Death - (I put my) Girlfriend In A Coma (original by morrisey)
7.Talib Aziiz - California Gurls (libyan gurls remix (original by katy perry)
8.Problem Anderer Leute - Sommerhit (original by whitney houston)
9.Ignorants? - Beautiful Girls (original by sean kingston)
10.Vulgar Disease - Girls Just Wanna Have Fuck (original by cyndi lauper)
11.D//Cereghini - Single Ladies (original by beyonce)
12.Bekie - Boys,Boys,Boys (original by sabrina)
13.Morgane Desbeet - Cruel Summer (original by bananarama)
14.Disleksick - So What ? (original by pink)
15.Miserable Absence of Harmony - Bring Me to Life (original by evanescence)
16.Tuco - Mmbop (original by hanson)
17.Menso Noise - Menso Loves The 80s Music Fuck The 90s Pop
18 Necroanal - OMG Imma be Your Bulletproof Drug (Oh yeah, Airplanes something)
19 Sarkofachocrss88 - J'en Ai Marre (original by alizee)
20.Dopamine Larvae - Father & Son´s 69 (original by CATtie stevens)
21 Inconnu Ictu - Block I'd Pissed! (original by black eyed peas)
FREE comp !!! If you will buy one or more CDR's you will receive this comp bonus or gift from HNPP !!!
Remove your hand from your asshole and get in touch !!!

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  1. Are copies of this release still available?? I wish to buy some for my collection and my distro. Get at me yo!
    Cheers, -Jim

  2. Hello I would like to listen to this compilation free download, but I can not see the link. Could you help me? thanks bro.